Wednesday, December 3

Day 97-Singapore

Coming from the crazy din of the outskirts of Delhi, dry, dusty, teeming with traffic, it feels as if I have been transported across the universe. Arriving at the Changi airport I sensed immediately that this place could not be more different. Customs and Immigration took all of 3 minutes, the shuttle bus was prompt and inexpensive, the streets spotlessly clean with well mannered traffic, placidly weaving its way through green gardens of lush tropical plants tucked into every corner not occupied by some ultra-modern high rise. Arriving at my hotel, I immediately hit the streets, wandering across block after block of foodstalls packed with people enjoying the smell of frying meat and garlic, myself too timid to sample the common fare. As I penetrated deeper into the center, I passed by enormous commercial towers, each filled with outlet shops selling electronic goods, toilet fixtures, and whatever else one might need. Seems that in Singapore all one might do here is shop and eat!

I have come to this island nation unexpectedly due to the political meltdown taking place in Bangkok, which was the intended hub for my travels in Southeast Asia. My last several days have been spent online researching flights to and visa requirements for various countries in the region, and after much scrambling I think I have come up with a plan for the next seven weeks, possibly better than the original. My crowning achievement of late was the acquistion of a visa to Vietnam, bypassing travel agents and going straight to the embassy. For all my efforts, after taxi fares and fees, I think I saved about 20 bucks!

Business completed, I treated myself today to a visit to the Jurong Bird Park, an outdoor collection of 8500 birds of more than 600 species. Amidst the tropical foliage, along streams and around ponds, I was delighted to visit up close and personal with birds from all over the world, from the goofy barn owl and ridiculous ostrich, to the splendid scarlet ibis and pink flamigo. I sat scolded among flocks of parrots and parakeets, lories and lorikeets. Spoonbills, pelicans, hornbills and toucans all stretched their necks to get a piece of me. Exhausted from the long walk, the heat and the humidity, I jumped the metro back into the city, finding a different kind of peace in that oh so available Tiger beer.

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s.l. said...

Ron recently turned me on to your BLOG and I am left pretty much awed and speechless....a good place for me to what I have read. I am DEEPly moved and over>JOYED with the beauty and depth of your journey....within/without....and the QUALITY of your sharing. WOW! THANK YOU! and.....thank you! I see it as a book, "MEMOIRS de Ken". You are a stunning verbal-ist, if there BE such a word. (I am slowly but surely rewriting the dictionary.....even the spellings! LOL.)

I wonder if I'll ever see you again?

I am going to be in Boulder very soon. Matty is graduating from Naropa, a year late because, like you, she spent a year traveling, spending a good portion of her time in Turkey where she became a cowgirl.... breaking her own horse and herding wild horses with the locals. She had plans to go back there to buy a little cave to use as an art studio but those plans may have changed for now. She has a story published online about her adventures....actually just a piece of them. I believe her intentions is for a series of short stories. If you have interest I can direct you.....later.

This was not probably intended for lengthy sharing and I have lots to do to ready for my trip......Boulder.....NYC for Xmas and New Years......California on the last leg and back to Maui....MY LIFE for now........

Huge enormous amounts of FOREVER LOVE to you. I carry fond memories of time spent. BLESSINGS LIGHT SEASONAL GREETINGS to YOU.


p.s.Speaking of memories....I am on my way to a shake re class this afternoon. This past year I became involved in a group of Afrocuban drummers. I still know little but LOVE the music and have been welcomed as "the dancer".....Stephanie style LOL!

Also to share what I have been doing.......