Thursday, January 29

Day 160-Darwin

At the top end of down under, heavy-set, lily white, dimpled women walk to work in the sweltering humidity. They seem none the worse for the clowing heat, eager to put in their days toil so as to earn a soon coming night at the pub. At ever government building or park stand small crowds of Aborigines, shoeless and unsmiling, they scarcely notice my passing.

I have been scurrying about, collecting supplies and a rent a car, preparing to go "into the bush".
It is the hot, wet season (in fact the south of the country is under record breaking heat, at around 45 degrees centigrade (I don't even want to know what that is on our scale)) and so I don't expect to get far, as every surface not under asphalt will be unpassable. Still I hope to find opporunities to walk about the billabongs and marsh parks, seeking birds and plants yet unknown, hoping to avoid snakes and skeeters. I will be camping, cramped in my tiny new tent, every moment out of the car will be a festival of sweltering and fly driven annoyance.

To enjoy this mini-adventure I will and already have laid down some serious cash. Coming from Vietnam, the shock of price escalation for everything from transport to lodging, has only been asssuaged by the ready availability of donuts, peaches and other familiar treats. If I sound uncertain as to whether this next phase of my travels will be fun or will go well, it is because I most certainly am!

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shaggydoc said...

oh, sing me a tale of dimpled white women and lustily quaffed pints of beer. even without the song, your plan is stellar. but! buy the insurance. and just for the record 45*9/5 + 32 = 113. that's right toasty, mate.