Wednesday, February 25

Day 181-???

Have you ever stood below the departure board at the airport and imagined how it would be to just choose some exotic locale, slap down the plastic and be on your way? I certainly have, but must admit, although I am on the trip of a lifetime, I could not bring myself to be so spontaneous. I did however, spend an afternoon a few weeks back reflecting on some serious gaps in my travels. For example, the girl I met and lost from Croatia, I know I could find her if I went back to Split. Also, I have been haunted since leaving Turkey by having missed out on visiting Egypt when I was just that close. Then there is southern India, I missed all of that, and the sticky visa situation prevented me from easily entering China. And where the hell is Uruguay anyway? Or perhaps it is time to hit the road in the West US and start the climbing season. Point is-no one knows where I am right now!

Over the months I have enjoyed telling my simple little stories, none too dramatic, and I have appreciated those who followed along, few though they be. But it has certainly been a one-sided affair, hardly interactive. So now its your turn, switch on your travel brains and use the following clues to determine where in the world is gomelmogel!

1. the sum of latitude and longitude is somewhere between 80 and 100
2. or it could be that the longitude minus the latitude is somewhere between 80 and 100
3. life in this capital city is a breEZE!

You may need to break out the atlas, but you will find the answer quite easily I think. Either way, I will be posting soon from some of the world´s most dramatic locales. I hope I can keep your interest a little longer, I can´t bear the thought of this trip coming to an end!


Stefani said...

And here I thought you were back soon. So glad we'll get to hear (read) some more stories. I'm guessing you're somewhere around the Galapagos Islands, but I'm stumped on the breEZE reference.

rich said...

The EZE makes me think New Orleans - for Mardi Gras - but the numbers just don't add up.

Anonymous said...

Puerto BaquerEZEo Moreno

Pedro said...

Hi Ken, I've heard Buenos Aries has nice weather AND beautiful women. That's probably the language you are most comfortable with anyway. Have a good time.