Monday, September 15

Day 18-Katowice

Yesterday was such an awesome day! I took a bus east from Prague to Trutnov, where nearby lives a most spectacular collection of rock towers and pinnacles, a veritable city of sandstone denizens. There, along my maundering, I met a couple of Czech climbers who spoke English and it was not long before we were sharing tales of places we had all been, in particular some equally enchanting towers of sandstone near Moab, Ut. It is always special to me to feel the connection some of us make in the space-time continuum.

What has struck me about this country (Czech) is how young and beautiful the girls are, just like in the US, no? But what is different is that they seem willing to talk to me (when I approach properly) and that unlike their US counterparts, they do not act young, nor do not they all have perfectly straight teeth, which makes me wonder if, were I 20 years younger and otherwise not the person I am, I might stand a chance to know them better. Dominika, how I enjoyed looking into your eyes as we spoke, I will not soon forget you!

Now to the present. It has been raining and gray all day as I trained into Poland. I am shacked up in what certainly be some kind of flophouse near the train station, sketchy characters here and there, and what is worse it is the most I have paid for a night thus far. Security seems a hot issue around here and so I expect to sleep light tonight. Still I have great hopes for tomorrow as I continue forward.

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