Wednesday, September 24

Day 26-Zagreb

It has been a fine few days in the great outdoors of Northwestern Slovenia, truly a sportsman paradise. I went off to visit a spectacular cave in the karst country, and though it took a fair effort to get there and a good price to get in, is was worth the effort to view the largest underground canyon in Europe. The next day I returned to the Julian Alps and spent the day and this morning exploring the environs. Huge limestone walls surrounded the picturesque village, and I nearly had some climbing lined up, but the persistent rains prevented the excursion. Nonetheless, a fine bike ride and hike to the famed Vintgar Gorge satisfied my urge to spend quiet time among the rivers and trees.

I cannot deny that a slow sense of longing and loneliness is creeping into my psyche, especially during the wee hours of the morning, when I awake from very deep and restful sleep only to find myself wondering where I am...and why. I have experienced this before, and expected to feel this way by now, so I will just have to keep moving, keep looking for that priceless and elusive vista lurking just around the next corner.


Lisa said...

Hi Ken,
I just wrote a comment, but it seems to have disappeared!
Anyway, I've really enjoyed reading not only about your trip thus far, but how you've conveyed your experiences, impressions and emotions. It would be so nice if you could upload some photos with each posting.
I remember feeling pangs of lonliness when I've had extended trips, but then I remind myself that a new day of experiences and connections with other beings lies ahead. Who knows what will unfold...
Be well,

Anonymous said...

Today I celebrated Friday and Family by taking the kids to the Discovery Museum in Milwaukee. A plaque above a stoplight exhibit caught my eye and touched my soul. It read: Because you're a dreamer, you hear them differently than most people. As you dream of ideas, big and small, each voice vies for attention. One tells you the coast is clear. Another implores you to proceed cautiously. Still another tell you to go back to the drawing board. That's right. You don't have a voice commanding you to stop. Dreamers hear only "restart". Ken, when you wake from your dreams and feel lonely, remember you are not really alone--it is your dreams that keep you company and spur on the best that life holds. Love to you , bro. - Kim

Anonymous said...

Ken, great read !! Can't wait for the next edition. Live large bro ...

love ya, big sis