Wednesday, September 10

Day 13-Amsterdam

After a week of futher visits in the US, I am finally out of the country. It has been so good for me to feel the love and support from those who know me best. As I leave them, I wonder if they are thinking, as I am, that this could be our last goodbye. Is this not true every morning of our lives? Why should a long journey make this more obvious?

Tonight I am in Amsterdam, and I have deemed it appropriate to sample the characteristic delights of this unique city. I find a "coffee" shop and enjoy a small taste, which I must dole out sparingly as this White Widow will do me in if I am careless. I rent a bicycle and test my 2-wheeled urban saavy. I survive the traffic and confusing layout and find my way to the Van Gogh museum, but I am slow and clumsy. Later I visit the Red Light District, where I stay true (nearly) to my promise of "look but no touch". There will be no more of this type of silliness on this trip, but "when in Rome..."

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Anonymous said...

Hey Ken, am reading your blog. Good you started it! What is the White Widow in your Amsterdam log?

Red lantern district! Beware !