Friday, September 12

Day 15-Prague

Last night I took the overnight train from Amsterdam to Prague. I shared the 6 bed couchette with a nice young man from Argentina, on a one month whirlwind tour by train of the European capitals. I awoke at 4am to say "adios" as he disembarked in Berlin, but he was in no mood for civilities, as his wallet had been stripped of cash in the night. I alway feel guilty when something goes wrong, did he suspect that "Kenneth did it"? I resolve to continue my vigilance, all my gear was under lock and key, but will that be enough? It is so hard to keep track of it all, the system of gear management is still evolving.

Today I treated myself to a restaurant meal of goulash and dumplings, quite good "dobry", but more important was the enthusiasm shown me by the cute and lively waitress, Toni. She reminded me that travel feeds the heart and soul - to see new things, smell and taste and hear the uncommon and unexpected - that is what life is about. She is a true fellow vagabond and to her I dedicate this posting. I expect I will be meeting many other members of my travel tribe in the days to come.

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Anonymous said...

No doubt you will run into many others on some pathway to somewhere. Still, I wonder, "what happened to the person in 22A?"
- Kim